Who We are?

Poker Mining is a part of Mythology Holdings Ltd. The company was born as a result of studying the Crypto-Currency Industry in depth for the past three years, the results of our research resulted in the development of a two tier solution.

Our first Tier was our Cloud Mining Solution. This cloud mining solution enables both novices and seasoned crypto-currency miners the ability to mine various crypto-currencies and gain significant ROI without any equipment investment. The second tier is our revolutionary universal crypto-currency mining.

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True service

A fair amount of scepticism is present in the industry due to the general impression of our competitors that their location is safer when it is unknown to their customers or they engage in phantom mining, we do not support this standpoint.

All of our mining resources are known to our clients, we produce videos of our farms and our large investors are welcome to visit us for strengthening our collaboration.

As a client you will be provided with free support in every aspect of setting up your mining and with full assistance and urge for resolving possible issues during our collaboration. Our less experienced clients in crypto-currency world are treated with special care and assistance all the time and can rely on our full support during their first baby steps.

Ready for You

We are available at 3 office locations globally, (1) Toronto, Canada (2) New York, USA - open by November 2014 (3) London, UK -open by November 2014.

We have live sales representatives at all our locations, who are ready/prepared and available to speak with you. Along with providing service and support we also provide Bitcoin ATM machines.

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